Who Are we?

Starting out in 2017, The Crowded Booth was a one-man podcast that talked with athletes and coaches about their experiences in their respective careers.

Fast-forward to now, and we have launched as a multimedia sports network with podcasts, live shows and newsletters. We strive to tell stories at the local, regional and national level.

Our Team

Bryce Koon is the founder/owner of The Crowded Booth. Currently serving as an ESPN+ broadcaster and freelance writer, Bryce has amassed over six years of experience in the sports industry. From covering college football to college hoops, Bryce has a passion for storytelling that is evident in his work.

Ralph Leary joined the team in September of 2020, covering the local Chattahoochee Valley area with high school and recruiting. Leary is a native of Columbus, Ga and is a major advocator for the Group of Five.

Join the crew

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