Mailbag Monday: 9/27/21

Auburn Struggles with Georgia State, While the Tide and the Dawgs Distance Themselves from the Pack

What happened to Auburn? Emotional letdown? (Chris; Phenix City, AL)

Listen, Georgia State isn’t Akron or Alabama State. This is a program that has challenged for the Sun Belt East and been to two straight bowl games. It felt like the expectation for Auburn fans was to roll on Saturday and turn their focus to LSU. Georgia State was having none of that. Give credit to the Panthers who came in and executed their game plan through three and a half quarters, but Auburn wasn’t supposed to struggle in this game. With a daunting schedule coming up, the Tigers have to figure out things and fast.

Is there really a team that is close to Alabama and Georgia right now? It seems like there is a gap between those two teams and the rest of the country; and it’s not close. (David; LaGrange, GA)

David thanks for the question. I agree. Georgia and Alabama have displayed in strong fashion why they should be in spots one and two. As for the rest, the trio of Oregon, Penn State and Iowa all have impressive resumes and should be where they are. However, through the first third of the season, do we think they can compete for sixty minutes with the Tide or the Dawgs? Not sure, but both Alabama and Georgia have big tests this weekend, as Ole Miss invades Tuscaloosa and Sam Pittman make his return to Athens with the Hogs.