Mailbag Monday: 6/28/21

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With the struggles of the Braves in 2021 combined with Atlanta United and the Falcons dive into obscurity, have the Atlanta Hawks taken over as the premier sports team in Atlanta? (Kevin; Roswell, GA)

Kevin, first off thanks for the question! You are correct in saying Atlanta United and the Flacons have indeed seen a fall from grace since the 2017 season. However even with the Braves struggling in 2021, I will have to stop you when it comes to the premier “franchise”

The Hawks may very well change that with a championship (which has eluded the Braves since 1995), but even if the Braves don’t make the playoffs this year there is still plenty of reason to believe that the franchise’s future is among the brightest in the sport.

A better way to look at it is that a city with an established contender in baseball, may have just become the location for one of the most exciting, young franchises in the NBA.

How would you rank the top sport’s stars in Atlanta? (Frank, Columbus, GA)

Love this question Frank!

I am going to roll with a take that might not be too popular, but due to this new age of social media and exposure this is how my top five would shake out.

  1. Ronald Acuña Jr.

  2. Trae Young

  3. Freddie Freeman

  4. Matt Ryan

  5. Josef Martinez/Ozzie Albies

Once again, this is just my personal thoughts (also thought Dansby Swanson could slide in at number five).

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