Mailbag Monday: 5/31/21

We answer questions from YOU!

In this week’s edition of “Mailbag Monday” we cover the Braves bullpen and the validity of prospect camps for high school athletes. Without further ado, here we go.

How effective are these prospect camps for recruiting? (Jason, Columbus, GA)

Prospect camps give coaches first looks at possible recruits. If you have never seen or been to one you are sure to see the top talent in the state, area, and around the region! What really helps for athletes attending prospect camps is one on one time around coaches. Meeting with them, getting contact information, getting hands on work with college coaches is great in helping with development. Now some prospect camps can be with just one college or it could be hosted by a college but others are invited to attend. Either way a prospect camp is a great chance for a guy with little film, no offers, and not much exposure to compete against greater talent in front of coaches. -Ralph

How much longer can this Braves team go with its bullpen struggling so much? (Noah, Marietta, GA)

Listen, I get it. The bullpen struggles have been well-documented. We noted earlier in the season and before the year started that the depth of the bullpen was not as strong as last season. If a two or three arms were struggling last year, there were more quality options that could be counted on.

The reinforcements are on the way and the biggest name is Shane Greene. The 32-year old has looked solid in two games for Triple-A Gwinnett. Through 2.1 innings, Greene has surrendered just one hit while striking out four. The rumor is that Greene could make his 2021 debut for Atlanta during the next homestand.

While the bullpen can definitely improve, I (as well as our entire team here) feel that the biggest need could in the starting rotation. Stay tuned for a piece detailing just that, later on this week.